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Esoteric Christianity 03 Foundations of the Christian Path AUDIO

This lecture continues to discuss the archetypes of our soul, and how the false archetypes are known as our imperfections, "passions" or simply egos, and the development of the achetypes properly is the building of our inner temple.

It continues with a general outline of the Paths of Peter, Judas, and John, at the introductory level.

The inner meaning of the name “John” is explained, as well as the meaning of the “servant” and “witness” of God, the olive trees, the candlesticks, in relationship with Zechariah 4: 11 – 14 and  Revelation 11:1 – 4. How to work with the Keys of Heaven, Two Keys of Peter, is explained.

In relation to the Old and New Testament, The Path to Christ can be understood, at an introductory level, in the following way

  1. Abraham descends from the City of Aur (“light”). The Spirit emerges from the uncreated light into the created light.
  2. Isaac is born. The Spiritual Soul unfolds from the Spirit.
  3. Jacob is born, and becomes Israel. The Human Soul unfolds from the Spiritual Soul. The Human Soul unfolds further into mind, emotion, vital/sexual energy, and body, and may choose to begin the Path.
  4. Joseph and Benjamin (and all the 12 Tribes of Israel) develop. The Human Soul begins to develop superior qualities. The Inner Temple is constructed.
  5. Moses & Aaron liberate the Israelites by overcoming the Pharaoh (psychological defects, attachments, passions, etc.).
  6. John baptizes Jesus in the River Jordan. Joshua crosses the River Jordan after the laying of hands by Moses. John/Moses dies to make way for resurrection in Jesus/Joshua.
  7. Jesus (Yeshuah, Joshua, “savior”), the Intimate Christ, is the descension of the Universal Christ into the initiate who has achieved the level of “John” or “Moses.” After John, comes “Jesus” in the New Testament. After Moses, comes “Joshua” in the Old Testament, which is the same symbol.


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