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death coursePreparation for Transformation

Everyone will experience death, thus it is intelligent to prepare oneself for the experience. This course examines the truth of what happens when we die, and what happens in the afterlife or "between" (bardo). Most importantly, you will learn how to use today as preparation for death, and thereby transform life into a source of happiness for yourself and others.

"We can learn very little from the phenomenon of birth, but from death we can learn everything." - Samael Aun Weor, The Great Rebellion

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Death 01 Introduction to Death Popular Download (mp3, 37.28 MB)
Death 02 Who Dies Popular Download (mp3, 36.16 MB)
Death 03 Six Stages of the Life Cycle Popular Download (mp3, 45.04 MB)
Death 04 Why We Must Die Popular Download (mp3, 43.32 MB)
Death 05 How We Die Popular Download (mp3, 43.95 MB)
Death 06 After We Die Popular Download (mp3, 45.08 MB)


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"The “I” is the origin of the error and of its consequence, which is pain. Thus, as long as the “I” exists, pain and error will continue to exist."