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Folder Christ the Mystery of Light Course

christ courseThe Greek word Christ refers not to a person but to a cosmic intelligence at the root of all life, which is organized (ordered) as a series of cosmoses. As Christ said through Jesus (Yeshua), "I AM the light of the Kosmos (order)." This course describes the spiritual and psychological relationship of Christ with our place in the cosmos, and explains many verses of the Bible, The Pistis Sophia, teachings of Gurdjieff, and much more.

The image used for the course title is a photo of our Sun taken by NASA.

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Christ 01 Christ the Mystery of Light AUDIO Popular
Christ 01 Christ the Mystery of Light PDF Popular Download (pdf, 2.40 MB)
Christ 02 Christ the Source of Life AUDIO Popular
Christ 02 Christ the Source of Life PDF Popular Download (pdf, 1.48 MB)
Christ 03 Death, the Christic Path AUDIO Popular
Christ 03 Death, the Christic Path PDF Popular Download (pdf, 437 KB)