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The first lecture in the free online course about the esoteric or hidden meanings of the famous book of Revelation or Apocalypse of John. Lecture quote:

"When you read there "the revelation of Jesus Christ," most people immediately associate that with the master Aberamentho who came two thousand years ago, and gave the Venustic Initiation to John, his disciple, which of course we don't deny. It happened like that. But every book that is written Kabbalistically we have to understand internally. All the books written, related with masters, or disciples, are always a guidance for our own internal development. And as the master Samael explains in the book The Pistis Sophia Unveiled, each one of us has to develop his own individual, particular Jesus Christ. So when we read "the revelation of Jesus Christ," we have to understand directly, that it is speaking of our divine particular Nous, atom Nous. And in this case, it is referring to the Bodhisattva, in Buddhist terms."

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