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revelationThis free online course reveals how you can discover the true meaning of the Revelation or Apoclaypse of St. John, which is a cryptic and mystical scripture at the very end of the Christian Bible.

Over the centuries, hundreds of books have been written in an effort to explain the elusive symbolism of this mysterious text, but none have succeeded. As a document written by initiates of the secret doctrine and for initiates of the secret doctrine, Revelation is an esoteric treatise of Kabbalah and Alchemy, and can only be understood in light of those ancient sciences and in combination with meditation. Now the doors have been opened so that humanity can see for themselves what is hidden in this beautiful scripture.

"Much has been said and written about the Apocalypse (The Revelation of St. John). However, only intellectual speculations have been made and the words of various authorities have been repeated. The present work is the result of tremendous esoteric investigations that were patiently performed by us in the Superior Worlds." - Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian Message

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Book of Revelation 01 Introduction Popular Download (mp3, 41.48 MB)
Book of Revelation 02 The Son of Man Popular Download (mp3, 62.68 MB)
Book of Revelation 03 The Church of Ephesus, Chakra Muladhara Popular Download (mp3, 55.45 MB)
Book of Revelation 04 The Church of Smyrna, Chakra Svadhisthana Popular Download (mp3, 46.08 MB)
Book of Revelation 05 The Church of Pergamos, Chakra Manipura Popular Download (mp3, 58.71 MB)
Book of Revelation 06 The Church of Thyatira, Chakra Anahata Popular Download (mp3, 50.83 MB)
Book of Revelation 07 The Church of Sardis, Chakra Vishuddha Popular Download (mp3, 60.87 MB)
Book of Revelation 08 The Church of Philadelphia, Chakra Ajna Popular Download (mp3, 41.94 MB)
Book of Revelation 09 The Church of Laodicea, Chakra Sahasrara Popular Download (mp3, 49.87 MB)
Book of Revelation 10 A Throne Set in Heaven Fourth Chapter Popular Download (mp3, 55.50 MB)
Book of Revelation 11 The Sealed Book Fifth Chapter Popular Download (mp3, 54.66 MB)
Book of Revelation 12 The Four Horsemen Sixth Chapter Popular Download (mp3, 56.94 MB)
Book of Revelation 13 The Trial of the Son of Man Popular Download (mp3, 53.79 MB)


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