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The Key of SOL  (Subject, Object, Location) is an introduction to Self-observation and inner self-remembering, practical techniques used in order to awaken the consciousness from moment to moment.

"We wander in the streets with the consciousness asleep; we are in our house, in our job, in the body shop, in the office, etc., with the consciousness profoundly asleep.  We drive our car and we go to the factory with the consciousness tremendously asleep. People are born, they grow, they breed, they get old and die with the consciousness asleep; thus, they never know where they come from nor the objective of their own existence. What is most grave in this matter is that all of them believe that they are awake. For instance, many people are preoccupied in knowing many esoteric things, yet they never occupy themselves with the awakening of their consciousness.  If people had the purpose of awakening here and now, then immediately they could know all of that which for them are enigmas; this is why skepticism exists, because the skeptical is ignorant, and ignorance is the outcome of a sleeping consciousness.  Indeed, I want to tell you in the name of the truth that skepticism exists because of ignorance. Therefore, the day when the people awaken their consciousness they will stop being ignorant, and, as a fact, skepticism will disappear, because ignorance is equal to skepticism and vice versa." - Samael Aun Weor


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"The most elevated form of thinking is non-thinking. When one achieves the stillness and silence of the mind, the “I” with all its passions, dens, appetites, fears, affections, etc. becomes absent. It is only in the absence of the “I,” in the absence of the mind, that the Buddhata can awaken to unite with the Inner Self and take us to ecstasy."