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Real faith, the value of belief, and the means of true salvation. Faith is not a matter of believing or disbelieving, but practical experience. With the acquisition of true faith in the consciousness, as opposed to belief, one understands the true meaning of salvation. Lecture quote:

There are always discussions or arguments related with this topic of ‘salvation.’ in which the fundamentalists or believers state that they are saved just by believing. Thus, indeed this word ‘believe’ is something that should be studied. If you look in the dictionary, ‘believe’ is made from two words: ‘be’ and ‘lieve’ (livid, lividus). "Be" is related to that famous phrase, ‘To be or not to be,’ while ‘lieve’ is related with love: ‘livid’ from Latin ‘lividus’ which is related with a strong emotion, love, desire. Thus we have be-liever (be-liver, be-lividus). So, thus ‘believe’ is ‘to hold dear or love emotionally that which is desirable,’ or that in which you put the ‘lividus,’ your liver in, as ‘I vehemently long for something’ or ‘I am longing for something,’ ‘I yearn for something.’ Or, I put my ‘libido’ (which is the source of the livid, of my liver). You know the word ‘libido’ is always related with sexual matter, but in Latin it is also related with ‘love,’ within the chemical actions of the body. So ‘believe’ means to put in action all that which is your chemistry or livid - your liver, your emotion, that which is the energy of your body - in something else. But with time, people transformed the general use of ‘believe’ to something related only with the mind, a thought of some information that you have in your mind and that you know about. In order to really ‘believe,’ or to put in action that word, you have to put all of what you are into it: this is done in order to create faith. Faith is something that you experience with your consciousness. People say, “I have faith because I believe.” But it should be, “I have faith because I put all of myself, all that I am (body, soul and spirit) to work with this.” Rather than, “I have that as information in my head.”


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"It is only in the absence of the “I” that one can experience the bliss of the Being. Only in the absence of the “I” can ecstasy be attained."