Beginning Here and Now: Parsufim, Five Faces of God Popular

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How Kabbalah explains 1) the first four commandments (especially in relation to making images of God) 2) the three Sabbaths, and 3) the four types of women.

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Lecture quote:

"Parsufim is a plural Hebrew word that means “faces.” Parsuf is the singular word for face, image, or countenance. Parsufim is plural and refers to the different symbols of the Tree of Life - the way in which we can understand the different triangles and the different aspects of the ten Sephiroth that are the basis of the science of Kabbalah. In Kabbalah, we study five Parsufim, five faces, or five symbols, images, countenances. We are going to talk about these five Parsufim and to see how they are related not only with Judaism and Christianity, but also with other religions."  


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