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Learn the essential elements by which to awaken the human being's complete spiritual and psychological potential.

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"All of us as human beings feel this urge to express, to emerge, to become; and this urgency is particularly strong when we are in our adolescence and our youth, when we feeling the longing, the need, the urge to find out who we are, who we are to be – what is our purpose, what is our role, what is that within that seeks to express itself?  Who am I?  This deep spiritual inquietude is particularly strong in our adolescence and youth, but unfortunately for us, we do not find the answers in our society, in our religions, in our schools and universities, or in our families.  We are often told what we should be, but very rarely does someone discover who they truly are.

This kind of genuine self-knowledge - or real Gnosis - cannot be acquired by seeking outside in the world, or in books or schools; it is found by seeking within the depths of oneself.  And, unfortunately, the vast majority of the human beings who are born and enter into this phase of longing to know themselves pass through that phase with that longing unanswered. Most people find themselves in lives, jobs, careers, marriages, and situations that are unfulfilling, and they lack that self-knowledge or that self-expression that they so urgently needed during youth, and sadly, they die without ever having discovered their purpose in life.

This situation is analogous to what we observe in the life of any plant or tree, which in the course of its existence will release from itself millions of seeds. Those seeds will be scattered in its environment in order to propagate the species.  But the vast majority of those seeds, all of which feel that longing to become a great tree, will be lost.

Every human being is a seed.  Humanity is a collection of seeds; every one of us is a seed that longs to become a tree.  The tree that we wish to become is called call the Tree of Life, Kabbalah: Otz Chaim, which we symbolize in this symbol of ten spheres, and which is represented in the Bible in Bereshit or Genesis.  This tree represents the fully developed human being made into the image of his creator, the Elohim.  Every seed, every human being, has the potential to become a great Tree of Life."


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