Beginning Here and Now: Ark of the Covenant Popular

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The explicit instructions to see and commune with God, by means of the Aron Kodesh (AR-K).

Lecture quote:

"Anyone who has heard of or participated in Christianity or Judaism knows about “the Ark.” Most Christians and Jews would say there are two Arks. But in fact, when we examine the scriptural evidence we discover there are not two Arks. Even if we study only the literal meaning of the scriptures we will find there are many more Arks in the Bible. If we rely on the Latin and later translations of the Bible, we can find at least four Arks. But if we look into the actual scriptures in the Hebrew language, we discover that there is not a single Ark anywhere in the scriptures. The word Ark does not appear in Hebrew, ever. Our English word “Ark” comes from a Latin word. We need to understand that this idea that we have inherited of a literal “Ark”—be it a boat or a box—is just a symbol, a myth. The real meaning is far more important and far more mysterious."

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"Tremendous is the effort and the vigilance that is needed from second to second, from moment to moment, in order to not fall into illusions. One minute of unawareness is enough for the mind to be already dreaming about something else, distracting it from the job or deed that we are living at the moment."