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alphabet of kabbalah course downloadsThe Secret Meanings of the Hebrew Letters in the Bible

The basis of all Judeo-Christian scriptures is the Hebrew letters. Without an in depth knowledge of the Hebrew letters, the original language of the scriptures, one cannot understand the Western religions or the secrets hidden within them. Like Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan, Greek and other ancient languages, the Hebrew letters constitute a primary expression of the language and mathematics of spirituality. In scriptures, dreams, and awakened experiences, the symbolism of Kabbalah is delivered through the Hebrew letters. This is the language of the internal worlds. Learn to speak the language of the internal worlds, Kabbalah, by first learning the letters of the language.

"The objective of studying the Kabbalah is to be skilled for work in the Internal Worlds... In Kabbalah we have to constantly look at the Hebrew letters." - Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah (1978)

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01 Alphabet of Kabbalah Introduction Popular Download (mp3, 34.53 MB)
02 The Hebrew Letter Aleph Popular Download (mp3, 31.12 MB)
03 The Hebrew Letter Beth Popular Download (mp3, 28.16 MB)
04 The Hebrew Letter Gimel Popular Download (mp3, 31.73 MB)
05 The Hebrew Letter Daleth Popular Download (mp3, 26.83 MB)
06 The Hebrew Letter Hei Popular Download (mp3, 40.21 MB)
07 The Hebrew Letter Vav Popular Download (mp3, 33.97 MB)
08 The Hebrew Letter Zayin Popular Download (mp3, 35.27 MB)
09 The Hebrew Letter Chet Popular Download (mp3, 33.34 MB)
10 The Hebrew Letter Teth Popular Download (mp3, 42.33 MB)
11 The Hebrew Letter Iod Popular Download (mp3, 38.57 MB)
12 The Hebrew Letter Kaf Popular Download (mp3, 37.84 MB)
13 The Hebrew Letter Lamed Popular Download (mp3, 43.07 MB)
14 The Hebrew Letter Mem Popular Download (mp3, 40.07 MB)
15 The Hebrew Letter Nun Popular Download (mp3, 33.24 MB)
16 The Hebrew Letter Samech Popular Download (mp3, 36.22 MB)
17 The Hebrew Letter Ayin Popular Download (mp3, 34.38 MB)
18 The Hebrew Letter Peh Popular Download (mp3, 33.80 MB)
19 The Hebrew Letter Tzadi Popular Download (mp3, 35.15 MB)
20 The Hebrew Letter Kuf Popular Download (mp3, 41.02 MB)
21 The Hebrew Letter Resh Popular Download (mp3, 36.05 MB)
22 The Hebrew Letter Shin Popular Download (mp3, 37.19 MB)
23 The Hebrew Letter Tav Popular Download (mp3, 29.46 MB)


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