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Continues the lecture "Elements in Spiritual Growth" in order to explain how to dissolve and rejoin the elements in order to reach perfection. Describes how the elements are related to our daily ordeals, our psychological situation, and our spiritual future.

"It is possible to crystallize the Soul within ourselves by dissolving the animal ego. We need to dissolve the undesirable psychological elements in order to crystallize the Soul within ourselves. We must convert ourselves into pure Soul. With patience you will possess your Soul. This is possible based on conscious work and voluntary sufferings. The Souls of the people reside in a superior level of the Being. The Soul is the conjunction of all the forces, powers, virtues, essences, etc., that crystallize within us when the entire animal ego has been dissolved. Each time that a psychological defect is dissolved, a virtue, a power, etc., crystallizes within our interior. The complete dissolution of all the defects implies the integral crystallization of the Soul within ourselves. If the water does not boil at one hundred degrees, that which must be crystallized does not crystallize, and that which must be dissolved is not dissolved. In similar form, we say that it is necessary to pass through great emotional crisis in order to dissolve psychological defects and crystallize the Soul." - Samael Aun Weor, The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

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