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Alchemy is one of the oldest sciences in human history, but access to its true purpose was given only to those who were deemed worthy to receive it. Now, in these critical moments, the doors to the heart of Alchemy have been opened. This free online course is not an introduction to the history or theories of Alchemy, but is rather a exposure of the actual techniques and methodologies of the genuine science that creates the Philosophical Stone, the universal medicine, the fountain of youth, and all the powers of the Alchemist.

“By the omnipotent God, and on the salvation of my soul, I here declare to you earnest seekers, in pity to your earnest searching, the whole Philosophical Work, which is only taken from one subject and perfected in one thing. For we take this copper, and destroy its crude and gross body; we draw out its pure spirit, and after we have purified the earthy parts, we join them together, thus making a Medicine of a Poison.” - The Stone of the Philosophers

“...whosoever hath this medicine, he hath an incomparable medicine above all treasures of the world. Praise God.” - The Bosom Book of Sir George Ripley

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Alchemy 01 The Elements in Spiritual Growth AUDIO Popular Download (mp3, 44.11 MB)
Alchemy 01 The Elements in Spiritual Growth PDF Popular Download (pdf, 3.14 MB)
Alchemy 02 Transmutation AUDIO Popular Download (mp3, 35.94 MB)
Alchemy 02 Transmutation PDF Popular Download (pdf, 2.45 MB)
Alchemy 03 The Laboratory of the Alchemist AUDIO Popular Download (mp3, 32.95 MB)
Alchemy 03 The Laboratory of the Alchemist PDF Popular Download (pdf, 4.60 MB)
Alchemy 04 Laboratory Work AUDIO Popular Download (mp3, 42.25 MB)
Alchemy 04 Laboratory Work PDF Popular Download (pdf, 3.93 MB)
Alchemy 05 The Secret of Azoth AUDIO Popular Download (mp3, 41.60 MB)
Alchemy 05 The Secret of Azoth PDF Popular Download (pdf, 4.67 MB)
Alchemy 06 Mercury, Hermes AUDIO Popular Download (mp3, 47.01 MB)
Alchemy 06 Mercury, Hermes PDF Popular Download (pdf, 8.65 MB)


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"Let us think for a moment of the humanoid multitudes that populate the face of the earth. They suffer the unspeakable. They are victims of their own errors. If they did not have ego they would not have those errors, nor would they suffer the consequences of such errors. The unique thing required in order to have the right to true happiness is, before all, to not have this ego. Certainly, when psychic aggregates, the inhuman elements that make us so horrible and evil, do not exist within us, then the payment of Karma is non-existent. Thus, the result is happiness."

Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah