psychologyFrom Greek psyche (pskhe) meaning "soul," and Logos, the "principle governing the cosmos," the Word, God. True psychology is "the knowledge of the relationship of the soul with God." Esoteric Psychology is the highest and most potent level of that knowledge, which is "private" and "interior" and is entered into in levels, according to the internal, initiatic process of the seeker.

3. Psychoanalysis
Animal Mind
Christ, Mantra, Mind Protection
Combative Psychosis
Dispersed Mind and Integral Mind
Dream Yoga Course 02: Dimensions and the Mind
Eight Verses on Mind Training
Fundamentals of Gnostic Education
Gnostic Groups and the Mind
Gnostic Psychoanalysis, Part 1
Gnostic Psychoanalysis, Part 2
Inner Mind
Intermediate Mind
Machinery of the Soul 07: Ethics, Love, and The Path
Money and the Three Minds
Particular Characteristic Psychological Feature
Pedagogic Psychotherapy
Precariousness of the Human Psyche
Psychological Country
Psychological Photographs
Psychological Rebellion
Psychological Rebellion
Psychological Slavery
Psychological Space
Revolutionary Psychology
Sensual Mind
Sexology, the Basis of Endocrinology and Criminology
Spiritual Psychology
The Dominion of the Mind
The Great Rebellion
The Hidden Face of our Psychological Moon
The Human Mind
The Mind
The Mind and Intuition
The Organization of the Psyche
The Particular Characteristic Psychological Feature
The Psycho-bio-typic ā€œIā€
The Psychological Country
The Psychological I
The Psychological I
The Psychological Robot
The Psychological Song
The Revolution of the Dialectic
The Three Minds
Three Minds in Conflict
Thunder, Perfect Mind
Transformation of Life
Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology
Upright Mindfulness