consciousnessConsciousness is perception, the basis of any living thing. Since living things are not equal and have a great deal of variety, so too does consciousness: it has infinite potential for development, either towards the heights or perfection or towards the depths of degeneration. Here are some articles, books, and courses about consciousness:

Ages of the Consciousness
Body of Conscious Will
Clue for the Awakening of the Consciousness during Normal Sleep
Consciousness, Subconsciousness, Supraconsciousness, Clairvoyant Consciousness
Degrees of Consciousness
Energy, Matter, and Consciousness
Four States of Consciousness
Fundamentals of Gnostic Education
Gnostic Psychoanalysis, Part 2
Light from Darkness
Machinery of the Soul 07: Ethics, Love, and The Path
Opium, the ā€œIā€, the Subconsciousness
Sexology, the Basis of Endocrinology and Criminology
Spiritual Power of Sound
The Awakening of Consciousness
The Consciousness
The Consciousness
The Consciousness
The Dialectic of Consciousness
The Dream of the Consciousness
The Great Rebellion
The Hidden Levels of the Subconsciousness
The Infraconsciousness
The Knife of Consciousness
The Perfect Matrimony
The Permanent Center of Consciousness
The Revolution of the Consciousness
The Revolution of the Consciousness
The Revolution of the Consciousness
The Revolution of the Dialectic
The Subconsciousness
The Supraconsciousness
The Unconscious Itself
Transformation of Life
Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology
What is Consciousness?