1. A Tattva is vibration of ether.

2. The Tattvas are the soul of the elements.

3. The Tattvas are the elements within us.

4. When the Logos fecundates the Chaos, the Tattvas enter into activity.

5. The elements earth, water, air, and fire exist in all the planes of Cosmic Consciousness.

6. These elements in the internal worlds are known as Tattvas.

7. Alchemy is based on the Chaos and on the Tattvas.

8. Akash is the principle of ether.

9. Vayu is the principle of air.

10. Tejas is the principle of fire.

11. Apas is the principle of water.

12. Prithvi is the principle of earth.

13. The Anupadaka and Adi Tattvas are completely spiritual.

14. In the physical world, the Tattvas Akash, Vayu, Tejas, Apas, and Prithvi are simply known as the elements of Nature.

15. The most exact Tattvic timetable is the one of Nature.

16. Days with wind and hurricanes are influenced by Vayu.

17. When the weather is very hot and sunny, the Tattva Tejas is vibrating.

18. Rainy days are influenced by Apas.

19. Beautiful spring days are influenced by Prithvi.

20. Tedious and monotonous hours are influenced by Akash.

21. The Tattvas live in incessant alchemical transmutations.

22. Alchemy is based on the Chaos and on the Tattvas.

23. A Master of metallic transmutations is also a Master of the Tattvas.

24. What is a flash of lightning?

25. A flash of lightning is transmuted earth.

26. A flash of lightning is Prithvi transmuted into Tejas.

27. The earth is transmuted into water, the water into air, and the air into fire.

28. Prithvi is transmuted into Apas, Apas evaporates into Vayu, and Vayu transforms itself into Tejas.

29. All of these Tattvic transmutations are based on the Chaos—in other words, on the semen of Nature, on the Christonic substance of the Solar Logos.

30. The Tattvic transmutations are the causa-causorum of the transmutations of the elements of Nature.

31. If the earth is reduced to water, it is because Prithvi is reduced to Apas. This is a Tattvic transmutation.

32. If the water converts itself into air and the air into fire, it is because Apas is transmuted into Vayu, and Vayu is transmuted into Tejas.

33. Therefore, the souls of the elements live in incessant alchemical transmutations. This is why we see the earth being reduced into water, the water into air, and the air into fire.

34. All these transmutations of the elements of Nature are verified not only externally, but also internally in all the planes of the Cosmic Consciousness.

35. This is verified not only in the planet Earth, but also in the planet called human being.

36. The Tattvic transmutations are sexual alchemy.

37. In the planet human being, we see how Prithvi is reduced into water, in other words, into semen, and we see this seminal Chaos being transmuted into subtle steam. This steam of Vayu is at last transmuted into Tejas, in other words, into fire.

38. The doctrine of the Tattvas is transcendental because the supreme keys of Sexual Magic are enclosed in it.

39. Through movement, earth is converted into water. This occurs when the water of the heating system of the interior of the earth penetrates through its conductors in the form of subtle steam...

40. Earth, having the nature of Salt, is then reduced to water. This water evaporates until it is converted into air by means of heat. Then, after a certain time of digestion, it is converted into thunder and flashes of lightning—in other words, into fire.

41. This is how Prithvi (earth) is converted into Apas (water).

42. This is how Apas is transformed into Vayu (air).

43. This is how Vayu is transformed into Tejas (fire).

44. All of these Tattvic transmutations are performed by means of the Chaos (Christonic semen).

45. All of these Tattvic transmutations are sexual alchemy.

46. All of these Tattvic transmutations are verified within our organic laboratory, when we are practicing Sexual Magic.

47. During sexual excitement, our earth—that is to say, our human organism—is reduced into water—in other words, semen.

48. While in the state of erection, the virile member increases the amount of semen within the vessels of the sexual glands.

49. This is how the sexual heat acts by transmuting our individual earth into pure water, into Christonic semen.

50. When we restrain the sexual impulse, this water (semen) is transmuted into the very subtle seminal vapors that ascend through our two ganglionic cords towards the chalice of the brain.

51. After some time of digestion, the solar and lunar currents of our seminal vapors make contact next to the Triveni, over the sacrum bone. This is in order for the sacred fire of Kundalini to sprout.

52. This is how Prithvi is transmuted into Apas.

53. This is how Apas is transmuted into Vayu.

54. This is how Vayu is transmuted into Tejas.

55. This is how we become Masters of the Tattvas.

56. When a Logos fecundates his Chaos, he produces a series of Tattvic transmutations, which crystallize in the end as the physical elements of Nature.

57. This is how the Logos can create solar systems and populate them with all types of beings.

58. Hence, during our trances of Sexual Magic we also fecundate our Chaos with the sacred fire of Kundalini. The outcome is a series of Tattvic transmutations within our own organic laboratory, which culminate with the self-realization of the King Sun, the Master of metallic transmutations within the living profundities of our interior consciousness.

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"Let us think for a moment of the humanoid multitudes that populate the face of the earth. They suffer the unspeakable. They are victims of their own errors. If they did not have ego they would not have those errors, nor would they suffer the consequences of such errors. The unique thing required in order to have the right to true happiness is, before all, to not have this ego. Certainly, when psychic aggregates, the inhuman elements that make us so horrible and evil, do not exist within us, then the payment of Karma is non-existent. Thus, the result is happiness."

Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah