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Once we heard an exotic declaration from the lips of a Hindustani Swami. The master explained the necessity of Hatha Yoga to the people in the auditorium. He explained how indispensable it was in order to reach the exaltation of Samadhi.

That yogi stated that many people have not obtained success with internal meditation, despite their hard efforts and daily training. According to the Swami, such failures were due to the exclusion of Hatha Yoga.

Frankly, we disagree with this affirmation given by the venerable Swami.

Those who have not obtained illumination within ten to twenty years of serious practice within internal meditation must find the cause—which is the lack of the sleepy state. It is urgent to combine meditation with drowsiness.

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"The one who does not know how to fulfill his duties as a simple citizen cannot tread the path of the great mysteries. Many disciples forget the good manners of a sincere and honorable gentleman or lady and become truly irresponsible and even dangerous individuals."

Samael Aun Weor, The Major Mysteries