In the atomic infernos, one has to disintegrate the corpses of the ego by dint of the sexual electric force. One must not wait for time to disintegrate them.

The Philosophical Stone is the precious diamond with which Solomon polished the precious stones.

Upon disintegrating the corpses of the ego, we must direct all of our efforts in not creating physical bodies again because they are vulnerable and exposed to aging and death.

Indubitably, physical bodies are created because of Karma.

People of this day and age are not profound; they rather like being superficial. They believe themselves capable of laughing at all civilizations. This is because they lack psychological work.

Presently, the human mind is degenerated due to the matter of concepts. Every concept that is emitted is the result of what others have said, of what others have studied.

Self-concept is based on the experience of one’s own form of thinking.

Gurdjieff is incipient in his teachings.

Krishnamurti has self-concepts because he has never read anything written by anyone.

When self-authority is not possessed within, imbalance and rupture with the harmony of the cosmos occurs.

How can one possess self-authority if one is not lord of oneself?

Self-action can only be possible when one has the Being within.

The Philosophical Stone, self-concept, self-action, and self-authority are only possible when one disintegrates the corpses of the ego within the psychological atomic infernos.

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"How foolish we are! We often think that we never do all the foolishness and perversities that we see others do; this is why we arrive at the conclusion that we are magnificent persons. Unfortunately, we do not see the foolishness and wretched things we do."