Before knowing and eliminating the PCPF, we should work intensely in a general manner in relation to all the defects since the PCPF has very profound roots that come from past existences. In order to know it, it is necessary to have worked in an untiring manner with a methodology of work for at least five years.

We must have order in the work and precision in the elimination of our defects. For example, on any given day the defects of lust might have manifested themselves through us in the morning, the defects of pride in the afternoon and the defects of anger at night. Indubitably, we are seeing a succession of facts and manifestations. Therefore, we ask ourselves: on which defect should we work on and how should we work on this defect that manifested itself through us during the day?

In fact, this is indeed simple. At nightfall or at the hour of meditation, we move on to practice the retrospective exercise (with the body relaxed) on the facts and manifestations of the ego during that day. Once reconstructed, in order and numbered, we proceed with the work of comprehension.

First we will work on an egotistical event to which we could dedicate some twenty minutes, then another psychological event to which we could dedicate ten minutes, and fifteen minutes to yet another manifestation. The amount of time needed depends on the gravity and intensity of the egotistical events.

Once the facts and manifestations of the loose cathexis, of the myself, have been put in order, we can work on them at night or during the hour of meditation, in a tranquil manner and with methodical order.

Into each work performed on this or that defect, on this or that event, or on this or that manifestation enter the following factors: discovery, judgment, and execution.

The three aforementioned factors are applied to each psychological defect in the following manner:

  1. Discovery: when the ego has been seen in action, in manifestation.
  2. Judgment or comprehension: when all of the ego’s roots are known.
  3. Execution: with the help of the Divine Mother Kundalini, through the wise practice of Sexual Super-dynamics, the ego is eliminated.
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"The more we identify ourselves with a negative thought, the more we shall be slaves of the corresponding "I" that characterizes it."