The tenebrous ones state that sexual magic must not be taught to humanity, alleging that humanity is not yet prepared for it; thus, in this way, they close the doors of Eden to this wretched, suffering humanity. This is how the tenebrous ones close the doors of Eden to the souls who long for the Light. Then, after having stated to the naive aspirants that sexual magic is "dangerous," the tenebrous ones enclose them within their complicated breathing systems. So, this is how they close the doors of Eden to the suffering ones and thereafter they enslave them within their intellectual systems. The tenebrous ones strive at any cost, not matter what, to avoid the sexual problem, because the tenebrous ones hate the doors of sex.

In ancient times, it was prohibited to divulge the Great Arcanum; those who intended to divulge it were condemned to penalty of death. Yet, today it is outdated to deny the Great Arcanum of Sexual Magic to humanity, because the divine hierarchies are teaching sexual magic, so that humanity can return into Eden. Nevertheless, the tenebrous ones are opposed and they make superhuman efforts in order to make humanity swerve away from the doors of sex.

The tenebrous ones are enemies of the great law; the tenebrous ones defend their seminal ejaculation. The tenebrous ones divert the wretched aspirants in order to enclose them within their intellectual systems.

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"We need to liberate our intelligence from all types of sects, religions, schools, political parties, concepts of country and flags, theories, etc."

Samael Aun Weor