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Saint Paul said:

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? - 1 Corinthians 3:16

The “Spirit of God” is our Divine Spirit; it is the Innermost. Thus, the Innermost is the most divine thing that we have within ourselves. It is God among us. The Innermost is beautiful, sublime, pure.

The Innermost has two things: the soul and the body. The soul is in contact with the sympathetic nervous system. The Innermost is in contact with the cerebrospinal system; that is, with the cerebrospinal column.

The soul suffers, enjoys itself, works, acquires experience, commits errors, is imperfect. The soul is sinful. The soul lets itself be carried away by passions, and suffers for this. Thus, if the soul wishes to become an Angel again, it has no choice but to put a stop to its defects, to become pure again, to purify itself, to cleanse itself to achieve unity with the Innermost.

When the soul merges with the Innermost, that is, mingles with the Innermost, when it again becomes one with Him, then it becomes an Angel. The Innermost is a flame. The soul is another flame.

When the two flames join, they form a single flame. This flame is an Angel. And thus, Angels are perfect people, repentant souls, people who repented their sins, their evil deeds, their fornications, their acts of adultery, their homicides, etc.

God is the Innermost Spirit who is within us, the universal spirit of life. He is the divine fire which is in the rock, in the waters, in the air, everywhere in space. All infinity is animated by divine fire. God is a sea of burning fire. The burning fire is everywhere. Fire is God. Fire is Pentecost. It is God. The fire that Moses saw in the bush of Horeb is God. The Innermost that we have within ourselves is a flame of divine fire: it is God within us.

The Innermost is the divine person. It is the heavenly person who is within us. When the soul mingles with the Innermost, it becomes Him. Then we become Angels. Angels are in nature, they are in the rivers, in the sea, in the clouds, in the volcanoes, everywhere.

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"Take everything from each moment, because each moment is a child of Gnosis, each moment is absolute, alive and significant. Momentariness is a special characteristic of the Gnostics. We love the philosophy of momentariness."