We can appreciate four figures; one of them is a little disfigured. Among the Mayans the existence of the four is always affirmed: the unknowable Adi-Buddha, and the three forces of creation, meaning the trinity within the unity of life. Thus, very clearly in this altar we see the Tetragrammaton.


In front of this altar perform the following:

Concentrate intensely on the four figures for half an hour.

Be relaxed. Leave the mind empty.

Pronounce the mantra Gaaaaaa Teeeeee [the e is pronounced with an "eh" sound]. This mantra must resound in the consciousness.

Wait for the answer from the internal. This is how we enter into contact with the Mayan occult sapience.

The mantra Gate acts upon the Eye of Dangma; it opens it, and allow us to capture the wisdom written in these truly marvelous sculptures.

First position: Body completely relaxed in the position of a corpse, heels together, straight arms touching the sides of the body.

Second position: Body completely relaxed in the position of a corpse, heels together, hands in the position found on the stelas. The fleshy part of the finger tips at the center of the chest on the region of Tiphereth, the human soul. Enter into the very depth of the soul.

This chapter is from Kabbalah of the Mayan Mysteries (1977) by Samael Aun Weor. This book has not yet been published; help us publish it: make a donation.

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"The most elevated form of thinking is non-thinking. When one achieves the stillness and silence of the mind, the “I” with all its passions, dens, appetites, fears, affections, etc. becomes absent. It is only in the absence of the “I,” in the absence of the mind, that the Buddhata can awaken to unite with the Inner Self and take us to ecstasy."