The Egyptian civilization comes from a very remote Neptunian-Amentian period.

The Sphinx, which has resisted the course of the centuries, is simply the image of the Elemental Sphinx of the Goddess Nature. This Elemental Sphinx is the supreme Master of the whole elemental magic of Nature.

When a Master reaches the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries, seven paths appear before him and he has to choose one amongst them (see pgs. 46-47).  Devic evolution corresponds to one of them. The Devas are the Gods from the elemental paradises of Nature.

Agni, elemental God of Fire, restores the igneous powers in our seven bodies throughout each one of the seven great Initiations of Major Mysteries.

The Goddess Nature herself is a “Guru-Deva” who governs creation.

Apollo, God of Fire, guided the Greek civilization with his oracles, given through the mouth of his Pythoness from the oracle of Delphi.

Osiris and Horus were the great elemental Gods from ancient Egypt.

We can study the great mysteries of the elemental magic of Nature in the college of the Sphinx.

The Guru-Devas work with all of Nature and with the human being. They are true Masters of Compassion.

Indra is the God of Ether. Agni is the God of Fire. Pavana is the God of Air. Varuna is the God of Water. Kitichi is the God of Earth. These Guru-Devas govern the elemental paradises of the Elemental Goddess of the world.

Medina Cifuentes, author of Occult Treasures, is mistaken when he absurdly affirms that the Devas are not involved with human evolution anymore. The Guru-Devas work with the human being and with the elementals of this great Nature.

All the Guru-Devas look like truly innocent children. They live and play as children. They are disciples of the elemental Sphinx of Nature, who is the great Master of these Deva-Children.

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