1. The sacred fire has reached the first sacred center of the heart.

2. Behold this small temple, sibling of mine.

3. A white magician is to the right and a black magician to the left.

4. The good and the bad thieves.

5. Light and darkness in an incessant fight.

6. Enter now to receive your festivity.

7. This is the first sacred center of the heart.

This chapter is from Christ's Will (1959) by Samael Aun Weor. This book is translated but not yet published. Donate to support the publication of this book.


"Whosoever imitates does not learn; whosoever imitates becomes an automaton, and that is all... A mind that knows only how to imitate is mechanical; it is a machine that functions but is incapable of creating, that does not know how to truly think, because it only repeats, and that is all."