A051. Enter the temple of music, oh Buddha, to attend your lessons.

2. The Sun of the Father shines with all its splendor.

3. A small bird pleasantly flies, singing within the forest.

4. Your fifth fiery serpent reached the fifth spinal vertebra of your body of willpower.

5. Enter into your fifth chamber to celebrate your festivity.

6. You have now learned how to respect other people's will. This is the fifth Tarot card: The Hierarch.

7. You have now dominated the defect of jealousy, because you learned, oh Buddha, how to respect other people's will.

8. You have learned how to respect the will of your relatives, and every living being's will.

9. Now you will comprehend, sibling of mine, what it is to respect the free will of others.

10. Little by little, the fire is purifying the Causal body or body of willpower.

11. Without the wonderful power of the fire, it is impossible to purify the physical body, or the Vital, Astral, Mental, Causal bodies, even our Buddhic and Atmic vehicles.

12. Those who want to purify their mind before beginning to practice Sexual Magic are similar to a dimwit garbage collector who wants to purify the dungheap without igniting the fire.

13. With fire, we burn dregs, and we purify our internal vehicles.

14. Nevertheless, the fire can only be ignited by practicing Sexual Magic.

15. INRI (Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra). Fire renews Nature incessantly.

This chapter is from Christ's Will (1959) by Samael Aun Weor. This book is translated but not yet published. Donate to support the publication of this book.


"Let us think for a moment of the humanoid multitudes that populate the face of the earth. They suffer the unspeakable. They are victims of their own errors. If they did not have ego they would not have those errors, nor would they suffer the consequences of such errors. The unique thing required in order to have the right to true happiness is, before all, to not have this ego. Certainly, when psychic aggregates, the inhuman elements that make us so horrible and evil, do not exist within us, then the payment of Karma is non-existent. Thus, the result is happiness."

Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah