a041. A delectable orchestra resounds in the world of natural causes.

2. Come into the temple, oh Buddha! so as to receive your symbolic shield.

3. The sacred fire of your fifth fiery serpent has entered the fourth chamber of your body of willpower.

4. Hoist your flag, victorious emperor.

5. Attend the feast of light, oh Buddha!

6. The Fourth Arcanum is The Emperor of the Tarot, thus it is rightful for you to receive your shield and to hoist your flag, so that you can reign in the world of willpower.

7. This is the flag of the Virgin...

8. This is the flag of Goddess Nature, Isis, Adonia, Astarte.

9. Number one, the father; number two, the mother; number three, the child; and number four, the family.

10. The flag of the great Goddess is the symbol of the universal family; it is the symbol of creation.

11. The numerical value of the sign of the Aztec's OLIN is four.

12. Now summarize within you, oh, Buddha, the four characteristics of the Sphinx.

13. You have the intelligence of the Gods, the intrepidity of the lion, the tenacity of the ox, and the majestic wings of the Spirit.

This chapter is from Christ's Will (1959) by Samael Aun Weor. This book is translated but not yet published. Donate to support the publication of this book.


"We need to liberate our intelligence from all types of sects, religions, schools, political parties, concepts of country and flags, theories, etc."

Samael Aun Weor