tarot-20-judgmentLet us now profoundly concentrate on the study of the Twentieth Arcanum of the Tarot. The Hieroglyphics of this Arcanum are related to Judgment. As the Angel is playing the trumpet the dead are escaping from the graveyard. In this Arcanum a man, a woman and a child are resuscitating. This is a marvelous ternary.

When studying this Arcanum, we must not continue with the old Hebraic monotony; it is necessary for us to judiciously concentrate on the problem of resurrection if what we truly want is to be Resurrected Masters.

Questions: How do we reach resurrection? How do we not reach Resurrection? How do we triumph? How do we fail?

Answers: We reach resurrection by working with the Arcanum A.Z.F., without spilling the Cup of Hermes. We do not reach resurrection by spilling the Cup of Hermes. When covetousness does not exist within us, we triumph; however, when covetousness exists within us, we fail.

Concrete explanation: there exist two types of covetousness—the first type of covetousness is for money. The second type of covetousness is for psychic powers. Covetousness for money exists when we long for it for psychological purposes and not in order to acceptably take care of our physical necessities. Many people want money in order to gain social prestige, fame, high positions, etc. Covetousness for money does not exist when we get it with the sole purpose of taking care of our physical necessities. Thus, it is necessary to discover where necessity ends and where covetousness begins.

Covetousness for psychic powers exists when we want end results. Those who only want end results are covetous. Those who go around here and there accumulating theories, searching for powers, which today are in this school and tomorrow are in another, are in fact, bottled up within covetousness.

The mind that is bottled up within covetousness is unstable. It goes from lodge to lodge, from school to school, from sect to sect, always suffering, always longing for powers, light, wisdom, illumination, etc., without ever achieving anything since what is unstable can never comprehend that which is stable, permanent and divine. Only God comprehends himself; thus the mind bottled up within the bottle of covetousness is incapable of comprehending the things that are not within the bottle.

Covetous people want to bottle up God. This is why they go around from school to school, always searching, always uselessly longing, because God cannot be bottled up by anybody.

Therefore, whosoever wants to work in the Great Work must first abandon covetousness. The stonemason, who is covetous, abandons the Great Work when he finds other work (even when the latter is indeed of darkness). Covetous people withdraw themselves from the Great Work. Many are they who start the work, yet few are those who finish it. The Resurrected Masters can be counted on the fingers of the hands.


We knew the case of Geronimo (who was a disciple of Cagliostro) who worked in the Great Work. This man acquired degrees, powers, initiations, tunics, capes, shrouds of distinction, a sword, etc.; thus, the progress of Geronimo was worthy of admiration.

Everything went very well until the day he had the weak misfortune of revealing his intimate secret matters to an occultist friend. This friend was horrified by the fact of not ejaculating the Ens Seminis and considered Geronimo a barbarian. Thus, he advised Geronimo to ejaculate the Cup of Hermes; he instructed Geronimo, telling him that in the supreme moment of orgasm, he must mentally assume an edifying and essentially dignified manner and thereafter, he said, “very saintly spill the Cup of Hermes, and this is how one must work in the Great Work” (this is truly absurd logic).

Thus, the disciple of Count Cagliostro, Geronimo (who indeed was not a strong man as was Cagliostro, the great Coptic) allowed himself to be convinced by the reason of absurdity and he spilled the sacred cup. Thus this is how he successively lost his shroud and sword, scepter and crown, tunics and degrees. This was the fatality. Geronimo was fulminated by the terrific ray of Cosmic Justice of the Sixteenth Arcanum.

Tarot 20

Three Types of Resurrection

Thus, as three basic types of energy exist: Masculine, Feminine, and Neutral, likewise, three types of Resurrection exist. The first is the Initiatic Spiritual Resurrection. The second is the Resurrection with the body of Liberation. The third is the Resurrection with the physical body. No one can pass through the second or through the third type of resurrection without having previously passed through the first, the Spiritual Resurrection.

Spiritual Resurrection

Spiritual Resurrection is achieved only with Initiation. We must first resurrect spiritually in the fire and thereafter in the light.

Resurrection with the Body of Liberation

The Resurrection with the body of liberation is achieved in the Superior Worlds. The Body of Liberation is organized with the best atoms of the physical body. This is a body of flesh that does not come from Adam; it is a body filled with indescribable beauty. The adepts can enter into the physical world and work in it with this Paradisiacal Body which they make visible and tangible by will.

Resurrection with the Physical Body

On the third day after his death, the adept comes (in his Astral Body) to the sepulcher, where his physical body lies. The Master invokes his physical body and it obeys (by taking advantage of Hyperspace and escapes from the sepulcher). This is how the sepulcher remains empty and the shroud left lying there. The body resurrects within the superior worlds. In the supersensible worlds, in Hyperspace, holy women treat the body of the initiate with perfumes and aromatic ointments. Then, by obeying superior orders, the physical body penetrates within the Master-Soul, through the top of his sidereal head. This is how the Master once again possesses his physical body. It is necessary to emphasize that in this type of resurrection, the physical body submerges itself within the supersensible worlds. When a Resurrected Master (whose body was within the holy sepulcher for three days) wants to enter into the physical world, he then exercises his willpower and can appear and disappear instantaneously, wherever he wants by will.

Jesus the Christ is a Resurrected Master that for three days had his physical body in the holy sepulcher. After the Resurrection, Jesus appeared before the disciples (who were on their way to the village of Emmaus) and dined with them. After this, he was before the eleven apostles and before the unbelieving Thomas, who only believed when he put his fingers in the wounds of the holy body of the great Master.

Hermes, Cagliostro, Paracelsus, Nicholas Flamel, Quetzalcoatl, St. Germain, Babaji, etc., preserved their physical body for thousands, and even millions of years, without death harming them. They are Resurrected Masters.

Elixir of Long Life

Only with the Arcanum A.Z.F. can the Elixir of Long Life be produced. Resurrection is impossible without the Elixir of Long Life.

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