Man does not realize that although his mental self has jurisdiction over his mind body, a force outside of his ordinary concept of thought has power to build, or destroy it, to increase its range of activity into the consciousness of Truth, or to retard its activity. Unknowingly man possesses within him a lord of the mind who acts according to the will of nature.

The student recognizes a consciousness of the power of direction which precedes each manifestation of nature. This lord of the mind, if we accept its truth, can change our entire outlook and bring us release from the turmoil and tribulation which normally agitates our mind bodies.

When we have a real intelligence in the temple of our mind, the spirit (light) enters the lower regions of our mind body, and brings about a change of attitude in ourselves. When we view things on the mental plane, we perceive new qualities in them, which we have not discovered previously. On the physical plane we perceive light or spirit in its activity. On the mental plane we observe its quality, and nature’s expression undergoes a complete change, for we have advanced in our perception of Truth. This attainment brings us into a closer study of the law of cause and effect. For instance, we have been studying society as a whole, seeing only the surface, but now we begin to understand and study the laws underlying society. We have been seeing the effects, but now we begin to study the causes of the different states of society which we observe about us, and when we seek to understand the framework of society and its cause, we at last begin to understand the relationship which exists between nature and man.

We see man’s law, and we perceive what nature’s law is doing for man. This comes to the student when the light (Truth) of the spirit has entered his consciousness. He then observes the disorganization of society and sees how nature shakes up the framework of our organizations and gives them a new impulse for better organization. Thus the student discovers that Mother Nature is the lawgiver and in time all men must serve her purpose.

The student comes to realize that crime leads man to recognize the Truth which is apparent in all things. Crime is the misdirected result of the nature which man has within him and knows nothing about. When man realizes the errors he is accountable for, he seeks redemption and tries to attain a knowledge of nature’s law. In his ignorance man little realizes the power which he possesses. Crime is the ignorant use of what is good, and until man seeks union with his own higher self he will remain in ignorance of the dynamic powers which nature’s instruction will reveal to him when he is worthy of her confidence.

An unworthy man is not allowed the knowledge of the “forbidden fruit.” That is secret information which this lord of the mind may reveal to him when he becomes worthy. This knowledge of nature’s laws has been preserved intact by the lords of wisdom in nature, and is given only to those who will use it as the Law allows. Many people in their present incarnation have shown themselves worthy of nature’s instruction. Yoga practice is a means of linking man consciously to his wisdom records of the past.

Those who attained to God Realization in the past find it easier, by aspiration, to attain to the wisdom periods of their own time. I speak of these things, for they may be helpful to the student. Often a sincere student attains easily to a change of mind, to the great surprise of his fellow students, and he sometimes suddenly becomes a leader in wisdom.

When man no longer seeks direction from the Lord God of Truth within, the lord of the mind snuffs out his light and man plunges deep into the mire of illusion. He becomes submerged in an environment in which incest, murder, hypocrisy, envy, malice, and crime abound. Submerged in this environment man ceases to act with regard to his well-being and good.

But the seekers for Truth, who are slowly emerging again into this New Age—the beginning of a Golden Age foretold by the prophets of old—recognize that the density of the shadow of today results from the brightness of the light of Truth, which is beginning to shine. In the ancient records it was written, “For man was created to know and to enjoy God.”

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"Let us think for a moment of the humanoid multitudes that populate the face of the earth. They suffer the unspeakable. They are victims of their own errors. If they did not have ego they would not have those errors, nor would they suffer the consequences of such errors. The unique thing required in order to have the right to true happiness is, before all, to not have this ego. Certainly, when psychic aggregates, the inhuman elements that make us so horrible and evil, do not exist within us, then the payment of Karma is non-existent. Thus, the result is happiness."

Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah