The Gnostics

Krumm-HellerArnold Krumm-Heller was born Arnold Krumm on April 15, 1876. At the age of sixteen, he left to meet some family in South America for work. There he traveled extensively, where he supposedly learned healing methods and medicinal techniques from the native Indians in Argentina, Chile and so on. In his early twenties, he went back to Germany where he entered into the initiatic fraternity of the “Rose Cross.” Later, he returned to Latin America and established various initiatic institutions called “Fraternatis Rosicruciana Antiqua” (The Ancient Rosecrucian Fraternity). He established himself in Mexico City where he made the center of his initiatic fraternity. He was made the Dean of Linguistics at the University of Mexico City, was of high rank in the Mexican Army, and was also made a Doctor of Medicine at the University of Berlin.