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Your Donations Help Prisoners

Your Donations Help Prisoners

The fundamental purpose of the Gnostic teachings is to alleviate suffering for all beings. This includes those who may be rich or poor, loved or despised, free or detained. For nearly ten years, supported by donations from students worldwide, Glorian Publishing has developed and sustained a program to help prisoners; it is currently active in twenty states and thirty-five institutions. The results have been powerful and inspiring. 

Glorian Publishing donates books to prisons and jails, which over the years have reached the hands of thousands of souls. Books are provided to individuals, the institution’s general library, and the Chaplain’s library. Additionally, participants receive personal letters which create a sense of a genuine spiritual fellowship within the Gnostic community. Through the letters, the prisoners are able to inquire into any aspect of the teachings and express their spiritual longings and goals. Subsequently, they receive one on one guidance, answers, and understanding directly from Gnostic instructors. So, each participant receives:

  • Books
  • Personal correspondence
  • Audio recordings of courses, guided meditations, spiritual music
  • Posters and other printed materials
  • Print-outs of lectures and courses from 

Because of these efforts and sacrifices made by fellow aspirants of the path, various states within the U.S. now recognize the Gnostic teachings of Samael Aun Weor as an official religion, enabling volunteers to hold lectures, assemblies, services, etc. within the institutions. 

Changing Lives

All of these efforts together have created a profound impact upon the lives of detainees, some of whom never receive mail or contact from anyone else. Due to internet restrictions within prisons, it can be difficult for many to find these marvelous teachings. Over the years, we have received many letters from inmates expressing their insights and profound gratitude. Here are some recent comments:

“…these teachings have changed my life and will in turn positively change the lives of those I come into contact with through the end of my days. My thinking was very distorted, and I have been awakened to a new reality where liberation of the Spirit is imminent.” 

“I truly appreciate you taking time to provide encouragement and grounding. It’s greatly appreciated… You’ve helped me get this ship turned and the wind in its sail.” 

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, not only for the materials to help me improve myself spiritually but for being a volunteer and making a difference….I enjoy learning through these books. I strive to grow spiritually. And I thank you for helping me fulfill that.” 

Truly, it is hard to imagine a greater gift for someone in circumstances like theirs. The path to liberation from suffering, Gnosis, is applicable in any situation and is most needed by those in acute suffering. Let us remember the words of Samael Aun Weor: 

“The most difficult circumstances of life are precisely the best moments to know ourselves.”

“Only with a wise pedagogic psychotherapy can the reform of delinquents be achieved. The corrective pedagogic treatment within jails can transform them into true reformatory schools…Convicts must be treated with infinite love and mercy.”       

Almost ten years ago, this program began from one volunteer answering one letter from a prisoner searching for answers. This prisoner hoped that someone would take the time to assist a stranger who was longing to repent; fortunately, his hope was fulfilled. This successful project was made possible through the efforts of everyone involved especially those individuals with the will to transform a difficult situation into something beneficial.

A Call to Action

Many students of Gnosis ask how they can help humanity. Wherever you find suffering, you can find ways to help. It can start from one small gesture, one smile, one “I care.” It is our hope that this program may inspire you to help others. Do you want to contribute?

Donate. Glorian Publishing is a non-profit organization, and this program is supported by donations. Therefore, if you find these teachings and programs valuable, donate, and you will help us to reach more people. Your donations allow us to give free books and printed materials to inmates, and cover the various expenses of the program.

Volunteer. There are many ways you can volunteer to help. The Glorian Publishing Correctional Facility Correspondence Program needs volunteer instructors, especially women. Volunteer instructors should be capable of teaching Gnosis via letters, and helping people with very difficult and painful problems. Other ways to volunteer, such as correcting or transcribing lectures, writing book reviews, and much more are explained here

On behalf of all of those who have benefitted from this program, we extend our deepest gratitude to the donors and volunteers who make it possible.

May all beings be happy! 


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Alexander on 2015

thank you! I thank you with all my heart!

thank you! I thank you with all my heart!
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