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Upcoming Books and Retreats

New books from Glorian Publishing

Upcoming Books Available for Pre-order

Glorian Publishing is happy to announce three books are on their way, and will be available in October 2011. You can preorder your copies now at your favorite bookseller.

New Ebook

Hell, the Devil, and Karma by Samael Aun WeorNow available for all ereaders: Hell, the Devil and Karma by Samael Aun Weor, in which he discusses his personal, conscious experiences of the inferior worlds and the beings who reside there, and he explains the meanings of Dante's Inferno and many religious and spiritual symbols. The ebook is filled with color illustrations.

Next Retreat: Australia

Dates and locations are set for the next Gnostic Retreat: Sydney, Australia.

Gnostic Retreat 2012 Australia

  • 3-day Lecture Conference: February 24-26, 2012, in Sydney: at The Centre at Randwick, Sydney, Australia
  • 5-day Retreat: March 4- 9, 2012, near Sydney: at Brahma Kumaris Centre at Wilton

If you want to attend, you can start making your arrangements. Do not delay: we will only have room for a limited number of students. Registration will begin very soon.

We hope to organize more events for 2012. Locations under consideration include North America and the UK. Do you have a location to suggest, or want to help out?



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