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Two New Posters: Chakras and Hebrew Letters

New Posters from Glorian Publishing

Glorian Publishing is happy to announce the immediate availability of two new posters to aid your study and practice of Gnosis. You can get them today, worldwide, from the non-profit Gnostic Store.

Esoteric Anatomy: Chakras and Churches Poster

Esoteric Anatomy: Chakras and ChurchesHave all the essential details of esoteric anatomy at your fingertips. This high-quality poster gathers together the basic attributes of the chakras and organizes them in an attractive and very informative image.

The major attributes, symbols, and details of each chakra are provided, such as:

  • The name in Sanskrit, Greek, and Tibetan
  • The powers of each chakra, such as polyvoyance, intuition, etc
  • What each chakra is related to physically, such as the pineal gland, throat, etc
  • The associated tattva (vibration of energy)
  • The mantric vowel
  • The virtues required to awaken each chakra

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The Hebrew Letters Poster

The Hebrew Letters PosterThis poster provides a convenient reference for the Hebrew aleph-bet (alphabet). Hang it on the wall where you study or do your spiritual practice. This poster makes it easier to listen to Gnostic lectures or study the books, since at a glance you can see the Hebrew letters and their meanings.

This poster displays the twenty-two Hebrew letters in the modern and ancient forms, and includes for each:

  • Name
  • Modern Shape
  • Ancient Shape
  • Ordinal Value
  • Absolute Value
  • Reduced Value
  • Literal Meaning
  • Symbolic Meaning
  • Arcanum

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Glorian Publishing, a non-profit organization, extends a heartfelt "Thank you!" to all those who provided the donations that made it possible to publish these posters.



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Friday, 27 November 2020
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