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Two New Books

new books"Hell, the Devil, and Karma" is Samael Aun Weor's account of his personal experiences investigating whether there is any reality to the many stories of hell, including the famous "Divine Comedy" by Dante. Compiled from a series of lectures, this is the first time this book has been published in English.

"The Yellow Book" examines the true purpose of Yoga, while giving a whole series of exercises anyone can use to energize their spiritual life and even awaken our latent powers of clairvoyance and astral projection. This is the second edition of this book, but in a new, more compact edition. The ebook edition is also available.

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Thursday, 06 August 2020
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"No one can achieve illumination without having been previously purified. Only those that have achieved purification and sanctity can enter into the hall of illumination."