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Two New Books Available Now

Glorian Publishing is happy to announce the availability of two new books. They are available today from The Gnostic Store, and will appear gradually at other booksellers.

Glorian Publishing Fall 2011 new books

The Spiritual Power of Sound by Samael Aun Weor. All the ancient scriptures exclaim that creation begins with a sound, symbolized by the Word of God that says, "Let there be Light." Spiritual light—insight, understanding, and personal experience of the Divine—is also created by means of sound, by the motion of energy within us. This is the first English edition of this book, which was published in Spanish in 1966 as "Mensaje de Navidad 1965-1966."

Karma is Negotiable by Nikias Annas. Although the word "karma” is Sanskrit and is associated with Eastern religions, it simply refers to cause and effect. Karma is not blind destiny or divine judgment, but is the principle that describes the natural reverberation that emerges from every action, whether that action is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Nikias Annas is a Gnostic instructor who donated this book as an offering to help humanity.

Both of these books will also be available soon in epub (digital) versions for all ereaders. We will let you know as they become available.

Glorian would like to thank the donors who made the publication of these books possible. Glorian Publishing is a non-profit organization whose works are made possible through the financial support of students from all over the world. Thank you!



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