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Three Upcoming Retreats

Three Upcoming Retreats

Glorian Publishing is happy to invite you to attend three upcoming retreats.

Renew your heart, mind, and body with the practical spirituality of Gnosis. Learn meditation and other spiritual practices that aid the emergence of serenity and self-knowledge. Take a break in nature with a group of like-minded souls, as we gather to pray for peace, understanding, and insight.

As a Gnostic Retreat, participants will be focusing on intensive spiritual practice, whose goal is Gnosis, knowledge from spiritual experience. The ancient science of Gnosis is a precise utilization of the consciousness, directed towards self-knowledge and the emergence of serenity and happiness.

To learn more about Gnosis, visit to read a book, listen to a lecture, or study an online course.

There are three retreats scheduled. Two are open for registration:

MAY 20-22, 2011 in New York, USA: A three-day weekend retreat in upstate New York at a Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Center. Registration ends April 30.

AUGUST 9-14, 2011 in Maine, USA: A week-long retreat in Maine at a beautiful lakeside camp, with optional days for exploring nature. Registration ends July 15.

Registration will begin soon for:

FEBRUARY 24-26 and MARCH 4-9, 2012, in Sydney, Australia: A three-day lecture conference, then a six-day retreat, with a week between for sightseeing, relaxing, or spending time with friends. Registration will begin soon.

Every retreat will have a variety of accommodations, including for children (who must be accompanied by a parent).

All of our retreats have sold out, so to ensure you can attend please make your reservation as soon as you can. Reserve your spot.




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