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The Best Tibetan Incense

Our founder Samael Aun Weor told us:

"The devotee must purify his bedroom daily with the smoke of special aromatic substances. Incense purifies the Astral Body. A good incense attracts the great masters whom we need for our work." - Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony (1950)

In particular, he remarked many times about the ancient science of Osmotherapy (now called Aromatherapy) that has been preserved and utlized by Tibetan Buddhists. Daily use of aromatic substances is vital in any serious spiritual effort. Thus, in the same way that we seek the best quality food for our bodies, students of Gnosis are always seeking the best quality incense for our spiritual nourishment.

best-tibetan-incense-kunlhaThe Gnostic Store is the only online source for a very special incense, handmade by Tibetans from traditional recipes using the highest quality natural ingredients, such as herbs, flowers, and woods from the Himalayan region. The Gnostic Store acquires this incense directly from the Tibetan family who makes it, so your purchase not only brings the benefit of the incense to your spiritual practice, it also benefits the non-profit Gnostic Store and the Tibetans.

There are five types of Kunlha Incense:

Each comes with approximately twenty sticks of incense. You will need an incense burner to utilize it safely.

This incense was first offered to students at the 2010 Gnostic Retreat in Colorado, and completely sold out. The Gnostic Store now has a small supply in stock. The Gnostic Store is happy to be the exclusive source for Kunlha Incense, and we are confident it can aid your spiritual work.



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Monday, 19 October 2020
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