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Thanks to You

Dear friend,

Thank you.

On behalf of those who benefited in 2010 from the many outreach efforts of Glorian Publishing, we thank you for your donations and support. Your aid makes it possible for Glorian to provide books, websites, videos, retreats, and more to those who long to have them.

Since many of you give anonymously, we are sending this thank you to everyone in the community, so you will know what your donations empowered in 2010:

  • Ten books printed, and now appearing in major book stores in the US, Canada, and UK
  • Ten ebooks published (in color!) for all major ereaders
  • Forty new lectures given online, including new courses on Healthy Spirituality, The Runes, and more.
  • Gnostic Retreat in Colorado
  • Other helpful resources, like two new posters, videos, webpages, and other online tools

You made it happen.

Thank you!!!


Glorian Publishing



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Saturday, 18 January 2020
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