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2017 Meditation Retreat

2017 Meditation Retreat

If you are ready to be serious about changing why you suffer, then you are ready to learn to truly meditate. 

Anyone, from anywhere, of any cultural, religious, ethnic, or spiritual background, can meditate. Meditation is not about beliefs, theories, dogmas, ideas, or cultural values: it is a state of perception.

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yvonne hutton name is Yvonne Hutton from the UK and I am very interested in attending the 2017 Retreat. I have not attended before and... Read More
usha sharma
Hello, i am usha from india. I wish to attend this 2017 retreat.i have never attended any retreat before..thank you..
simin mahmoudi
Hi I am from Washington Dc and I would like to get a hotel near by and like to know how much it cost me and my husband to attend... Read More
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"It is only in the absence of the “I” that one can experience the bliss of the Being. Only in the absence of the “I” can ecstasy be attained."