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Six Books Back in Stock


We now have more copies of six popular books. All of them had sold out, which tells you that they are good books. All of them are available today from The Gnostic Store, and will arrive at booksellers in the coming weeks.

  1. The Divine Science: Prayers and Mantras for Protection and Awakening
  2. Dream Yoga: Consciousness, Astral Projections, and the Transformation of the Dream State
  3. Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: Learn How to Think, Not What to Think
  4. Introduction to Gnosis: Gnostic Methods for Today's World
  5. Sacred Rites for Rejuvenation: A Simple, Powerful Technique for Healing and Spiritual Strength
  6. Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology: The Gnostic Method of Real Spiritual Awakening


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Sunday, 29 November 2020
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"How foolish we are! We often think that we never do all the foolishness and perversities that we see others do; this is why we arrive at the conclusion that we are magnificent persons. Unfortunately, we do not see the foolishness and wretched things we do."