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Three upcoming books by Samael Aun Weor will be available this autumn:

Parsifal Unveiled: The Meaning of Richard Wagner’s Masterpiece

"When religion becomes artificial, art has a duty to rescue it. Art can show that the symbols which religions would have us believe literally true are actually figurative. Art can idealize those symbols, and so reveal the profound truths they contain." - Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner's final opera Parsifal is an amazing presentation of spirituality that has been misinterpreted by humanity. Samael Aun Weor provides a complete explanation of the spiritual archetypes hidden in Parsifal, with examples from other religions and mythologies. This book also includes detailed instructions for sexual transmutation not given in his other writings. Preorder your copy.

Christ and the Virgin: The Forgotten Purpose of Christianity

This compilation includes two small books and a lecture, all of which describe the real purpose of Christianity: the birth of Christ within us. Included are explanations of Christ and Christianity, the Aquarian Age, the essential foundation of all religions, prophecies coming true now, and immaculate conceptions, both spiritual and physical. Preorder your copy.

The Major Mysteries: The Gnostic Jesus and the Path of Initiation

This book has three sections. First, it reveals the practical basis of authentic Kabbalah, Christianity, and Alchemy, which explains how to return to Eden: through the same door we used to leave it. The return to Eden is the “narrow, straight gate,” the way to be “born again.” Any birth, whether of the flesh or the spirit, is sexual. The second section provides an amazing account of the life of Jesus and his process of spiritual development. The third section describes the coming days, the role of the Gnostic teachings, and important prayers and exercises. Preorder your copy.

All three books are available for preorder from any bookseller.


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Emmanuel on 2013

What is the Date?

What is the Date?
Emmanuel on 2013

E-book too or is it just Paperback?

E-book too or is it just Paperback?
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"We must accept our burdens gracefully, for when the student takes the Path, he is often plunged into ranges of experience which other men escape, in order to teach him to have command of himself in his environment, and thus learn the reason why he has been placed there."