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New Distance Learning Course Starting Soon

New Distance Learning Course Starting Soon

As part of our continual efforts to make the Gnostic teachings accessible to everyone, Glorian started Gnostic Distance Learning Course, and new sections of the course will be starting soon. The course is geared towards students who are new to Gnostic studies and do not have access to an instructor in their area. Students participating in the course will be guided through a series of introductory lessons that will teach them foundational principles and practices of the Gnostic tradition, and prepare them for further self-study and practice. Students will be invited to a conference call with a Gnostic instructor and other students (forming a group of beginners) once every two weeks, where they will have the opportunity to ask questions about the lessons and discuss their personal experiences with the assigned practices.

After the enrollment period has passed, we will contact you via email if you have been selected to participate in the pilot. Students who are selected will be expected to participate for the full 6 months of the pilot program (13 bi-weekly lessons), and will be asked to financially contribute to the work that Glorian is performing on behalf of humanity. (Sponsorships for those students unable to help our mission financially may be available upon request).

We look forward to hearing from you. May all beings be happy!

Requirements to Apply:

  •     You do not have a Gnostic school or instructor.
  •     You will make realistic efforts to participate in every call for the entire six month course.
  •     You will contribute financially to support the program.
  •     You can read and speak English fluently.
  •     You understand that the course contains introductory and foundational material.
  •     You have never taken the Glorian Distance Learning Course before.

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Alexander on 2016

May the love and peace of Christ be with you!

May the love and peace of Christ be with you!
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