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Discounted Book Packs at the Gnostic Store

book packs on sale

The Gnostic Store now has convenient Book Packs at discounted prices. We have assembled collections of books to make it easier to get related books for you or your loved ones.

A few years ago we offered Book Packs for the holidays, and they were quite popular for personal use and as gifts for friends and family, even as donations to libraries, reading rooms, hospitals, etc. They are a great way to give the gift of spiritual encouragement.

We have organized the books into seven packs, all of which are 40% off retail:

  1. Christian Pack
  2. Introductory Pack
  3. Kabbalah Pack
  4. Practical Pack
  5. Priesthood Pack
  6. Science Pack
  7. Transmutation Pack

Due to many requests, we also made the Complete Collection, which includes all of the books currently available, and is $210.62 off retail.

All of the Book Packs include extra gifts as our way of saying thank you for supporting Glorian Publishing.

While you are visiting the Gnostic Store, take a look around: there are new items, including sage, palo santo, and juniper berries.

The Gnostic Store is a non-profit organization. Your purchases finance upcoming publications, and support the continued existence of and everything else Glorian does.

Go to The Gnostic Store.



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Thursday, 03 December 2020
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