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Australia Retreat Registration Deadline is December 15

retreat location

The Gnostic Conference and Retreat in Sydney, Australia (Feb-Mar 2012) will be the first event outside of North America sponsored by Glorian Publishing and attended by students and instructors from This is a special opportunity to learn first hand from experienced instructors about kabbalah, meditation, and spiritual psychology. Give your spiritual life an energizing boost, and make new spiritual friends, too!

  1. Lectures: February 24-26: Centre at Radwick, Lower Hall [Cancelled, but the Retreat is still on]
  2. Retreat: March 4-9: Brahma Kumaris Centre at Wilton

This unique event is only three months from now. The last day to sign up is only a few weeks away: December 15th. If you are planning on joining us, sign up today.

If you cannot join us, would you considering helping someone else get to the retreat? We have a waiting list of students who are eager to attend but are financially challenged. You can help: sponsor a student.

We look forward to meeting you in Australia.



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