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39 Free Courses of Almost 400 Lectures

free online courses

Since 2006, Gnostic Radio has been broadcasting live lectures, and has grown a library of nearly 400 audio lectures, most of which average two hours in length. This week we have moved and organized the whole collection.

New features include:

• Clear course names. Before, there were 14 courses. Now, there are 39! The result: it is easier to find and study lectures that related to each other. 

 Consistent graphics for audio lectures and courses.

• We moved all of the audio lectures from to Eventually, will be closed.

 Audio lectures and pdf references are now in one place. No more hunting for files! 

 Lectures are numbered and titled by course, so your collection will be more organized, too, and it will be easy to know at a glance what each lecture is related to.

• The audio lectures are clearly linked to their transcriptions. We are still working on linking from the transcriptions to the audio lectures.

• Eventually, the Courses page will provide links directly to the audio and the transcriptions, making it easier to navigate all of the material. 

Browse the free online courses.

We also compiled an updated list of lectures awaiting transcription, and there are many. If you would like to volunteer to transcribe a lecture, visit this page: Transcribe a Lecture.

We will have more to announce soon. 

All of this has been made possible by donations from people like you. Thank you for your support!



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Saturday, 05 December 2020
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