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2011 Gnostic Retreats in Australia and US

imagesGlorian Publishing is preparing several Gnostic Retreats for 2011-2012:

First, we may host a 3-4 day "weekend" retreat in the Northeastern US, in April/May 2011. Approximate cost for the retreat will be between $200-$450 plus travel expense.

We are also preparing a week-long retreat for the East Coast of the United States, most likely for the week of July 4th, 2011. The location we are considering is in Virginia. Approximate cost for the retreat will be between $500-$650 plus travel expense to Virgina.

Most notably, we will host our first retreat in Australia, in Sydney, in February/March 2012. It will begin in Sydney with several days of lectures about Kabbalah, followed by several days to relax and travel, then we will gather for a week-long retreat in the countryside outside of Sydney. Approximate cost for the lecture/retreat will be between $700-$1000 plus airfare to Sydney.

Let us know how this sounds to you. Will you attend any or all of these events? It would really help us to get an idea of how many people will attend. Let us know on the forum by answering this poll:

2011-2012 Gnostic Retreat Attendance Poll


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