Kabbalah provides a view of creation and existence based upon a division into four levels, which are beautifully illustrated in this verse from the Bible:

Everyone that is [1] called by My name, and [2] whom I created for My glory, [3] I formed him, yea [4] I made him. - Isaiah / Yeshayahu 43:7

These four levels are called the Four Worlds, and outline a conceptual view of how subtle, latent potentialalites become manifested into physical form. The first world relates to the highest, most subtle level, and the lowest world relates to the physical world, while the middle two illustrate the stages towards full manifestation.


  1. Atziluth [אצילות], the world of Archetypes or Emanations, the level of potentialities or "blueprints." Example: In the sperm and ovum are the possibilities for a child.

  2. Briah [בריאה], the world of Creation. Example: the father and mother unite sexually and the embryo of a human being is created.

  3. Yetzirah [יצירה], the world of Formation. Example: the child is formed in the womb for nine months.

  4. Assiah [עשיה], the world of Action. Example: the child is born into the physical world.

To learn more about the Four Worlds, study this free online course: Gnostic Kabbalah.

Quote of the Moment

"The ordeals of the Ninth Sphere are very fine and subtle. The doctor advises the devotee to fornicate, because otherwise, the doctor says he will become ill. Tattling women stir up fear in the wife; the so-called brothers of different organizations frighten the student. The magicians of darkness, disguised as saints, advise the devotee to spill the semen in a saintly manner. The so-called sages teach the aspirant negative Sexual Magic with the spilling of the semen. The manner of teaching, the sublime and mystic tinge that the tenebrous ones (disguised as saints) give to their doctrine succeeds in misleading the devotee and keeps him away from the Path of the Razor's Edge. Then the student falls into black magic. When the student goes astray, he believes he is wiser than the masters of Gnosis. Indeed, the failures of the Ninth Sphere, those who do not succeed in passing the very long and hard ordeals of this Arcanum, in fact become terribly perverse demons. Worst of all is that no demon believes himself to be bad or perverse. Every demon believes himself to be saintly and wise."

- Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

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