The authentic image of JesusThe central personage of Christianity is called Jesus Christ, but this is not his birth name, it is an acquired title. The name "Jesus" is derived from an Aramaic (ancient Hebrew) word, יהשוה Yeshua or Jehoshua, which means "savior." Thus, the original use of this term is as an honorific title. Likewise, the word "Christ" is not a personal name. Christ is derived from the Greek Christos, “the Anointed One,” and Krestos, whose esoteric meaning is “fire.” The word Christ is a title, not a personal name. Nonetheless, the man known by the title Jesus Christ certainly deserves the name. Yet, two thousands years of sectarian and political conflicts have distorted his story.

The following chapters are excerpted from The Major Mysteries (1956) by Samael Aun Weor, and reveal many fascinating details about the life of Jesus of Nazareth that were not recorded in the Bible. To find out about the rest of his story, read the book.

About This Image

This image was taken from an emerald cutting sent to be engraved by order of the Roman Emperor Tiberius. It comes from the Treasure of Constantinople and was surrendered by the Sultan of Turkey to Pope Innocent VIII as ransom payment for his brother, held captive by the Christians. This image has been taken directly from the priceless emerald, belonging to the Vatican Treasury.

Quote of the Moment

"Manushyatva (human birth), Mumukshutva (keen yearning for liberation), Sat-sanga (company of sages), service of Guru, hearing of Srutis, reflection and constant, protracted and profound meditation are necessary for the attainment of salvation. Faith, dispassion, self-restraint, one-pointedness of mind, purity of heart, devotion, desire for liberation and meditation are the immediate factors of liberation for the aspirant. He who is endowed with these qualities attains immortality and knowledge. Absence of egoism, development of good qualities, cheerfulness, self-surrender, absence of passion and anger, keeping up a balanced mind at all times, facing honour and dishonour with same feeling, aversion to sensual objects, heat and cold are some of the signs of the person who is on the path of Realisation. These are not to be achieved in a day or two. It is the work of years of ceaseless and protracted Sadhana [spiritual practice]."

- Swami Sivananda

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