Taoist Scriptures and Important Texts

Tao teh king


All the innumerable forms of teh (power or virtue) correspond to the principle of TAO, but the nature of TAO is to be realized only in a state of mental concentration when the thinking mind is empty and quiescent and the intuitive mind is alert and receptive. Then the spirit reflects reality and realizes its true nature. When the spirit is in an advanced state of tranquillity, there will, be opened a fountain of purest semen available for service which by its special signs can be recognized intuitively. Since the beginning, this generative vitality has ever been available for the creation and nourishment of all things. Moreover, the reason one can comprehend the mystery of Originality is simply because of the fertilization by his same vitality called TAO.



Be a man, learn woman's way, as the lake valley of the universe.
Being the lake valley of the universe, no virtue (or ching, jing, semen) escape,
returning as a new born [be "born again"].



There is a beginning for the universe,
the mother of everything.
Knowing the mother, knows the sons.
Knowing the sons, knows the mother.
Knowing these, becomes immortal.
Plug your openings,
shut the gate,
and life is ever full.
Open your openings.
Always be busy,
life is beyond hope.
Value the small (semen) is insight.
Yielding (as woman) is strength.
Using the light, return to insight (transform semen into spirit),
body will not be harmed.
Practice this constantly.

Excerpted from the Tao Teh king or Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu (400 B.C.)

Quote of the Moment

"The intellectual animal, mistakenly called “man,” has no individuality, because he does not have a Permanent Center of Gravity. He only has the pluralized “I.” Therefore, it is not strange that many people become affiliated with the Gnostic institutions, and later become enemies of them. Today with Gnosis, and tomorrow against Gnosis. Today in one school, tomorrow in another. Today with one woman, tomorrow with another. Today a friend, tomorrow an enemy, etc."

- Samael Aun Weor, Elimination of Satan's Tail

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