Renew your heart, mind, and body with the practical spirituality of Gnosis.

Learn meditation and other practices by attending the retreats we host around the world.

The Greek word Gnosis implies a type of knowledge that is derived from experience, and encompasses the whole of a person. That is, it is genuine knowledge of the truth. Reality, truth, does not fit neatly into a concept, dogma, or theory, thus genuine Gnosis must also be something that one must experience. Personal experience is not transmissible in conceptual terms; a concept is merely an idea, and experience is far more than an idea. In other words, real Gnosis is an experience that defies conceptualization, belief, or any attempt to convey it. To understand it, one must experience it. This is why real spirituality is based on one’s own effort to experience the truth, and the method to reach that experience is primarily practical.

The student of Gnosis is not asked to believe anything or follow anyone. Instead, they are given practical tools that—if used sincerely—lead to personal, direct experience of the truth.

At a Gnostic retreat, the emphasis is on practical spirituality. The goal is for you to learn how to guide yourself to direct your spiritual practice successfully: that is, to know how to experience the truth for yourself.

Retreat participants learn about:

  • Relaxation and its importance in spiritual development
  • The three factors that power genuine spiritual awakening
  • The value of service to humanity
  • Eliminating inner obstacles: practical steps to radical change
  • Utilizing awareness through Self-observation and Self-remembering
  • Meditation as a practical method to acquire insight into reality
  • Exercises for the transmutation of energy, such as breathing exercises
  • Creative sound: vocalization of mantras
  • Harmonizing the body: runic and rejuvenation exercises
  • Inner vision: imagination and clairvoyance

Our retreats welcome anyone who is interested in learning about practical spirituality, regardless of their race, gender, background, religious or political affiliations, or any other factor. Previous retreats have brought together students from countries all over the world, from every conceivable religion and belief, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and harmony.

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Quote of the Moment

"Reflect a little; until now you are just a living specter, a sleeping specter. You, wretched specter, sleep during the slumber of your physical body, and after your death, asleep you escape from the graveyard or cemetery… Miserable specter! Wretched, soulless creature! Reflect and meditate. You must celebrate the great Alliance of the Nineteenth Arcanum so that you can incarnate your soul and thus truly BE, because you, wretched creature, are not being yet. You are dreams; you die without knowing why and are born without knowing why. Only the blessed flame of love can make you truly exist, because you do not have a true existence yet."

- Samael Aun Weor, Alchemy and Kabbalah


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