"A place of light." A Gnostic Lumisial is a generator of spiritual energy, a Gnostic school which maintains the ancient initiatic Three Chamber structure. The source of power is the Cosmic Christ, and the means to receive and transform it are within the Second and Third Chambers.

"We are therefore working, my dear brethren, to initiate the Era of Aquarius. We are working in order to save what is possible, meaning, those who allow themselves to be saved. This is why it is necessary that we shape our Gnostic Movements and that we organize them each time better; that we establish the Three Chambers. Our Gnostic Movements must have exactly Three Chambers. Each Lumisial must have Three Chambers for the instruction of our students. Our Gnostic Centers receive a name in a very pure language that flows like a river of gold that runs in the sunny, thick jungle; that name is LUMISIALS." - Samael Aun Weor, The Final Catastrophe and the Extraterrestrials

Quote of the Moment

"In the public circle there are thousands of schools, books, sects, contradictions, theories, etc., a labyrinth which only the strongest leave. Really, all of those schools are useful. We find grains of truth in all of them. All religions are holy and divine, all of them are necessary. Nevertheless, the secret path is only found by the strongest. Infrasexual people mortally hate this path. They feel more perfect than the Third Logos. These people will never be able to find the secret path, the path of the razor's edge. The secret path is sex. Through this straight, narrow, and difficult path we reach the esoteric circle, the sanctum regnum Dei, magis regnum."

- Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

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